The three disrupters of retail technology

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Beacon technology, digital signage, and big data analytics are the three leading technologies separating some of the best-performing retailers from the ones struggling in the current retail climate. The future of retail will be heavily influenced by technology and retailers’ who adopt technology early, are more likely to thrive if not survive.

Those retailers who are looking to improve one-to-one personalised engagement with customers in-store, provide a better buying experience and encourage repeated brand loyalty, will require these technologies to be able to achieve this.   

It is well known that innovative technology and a better customer experience are the two most common factors leading to better retailing and keeping your customers coming back in-store.

Being able to communicate personalised messages to customers' in-store, promote discount offers via digital signage and providing mobile point-of-sale, makes the experience of buying quick and easy for customers and reduces the need for waiting in long queues.

In turn, it is the retailers that largely benefit from this retail technology because they can gain valuable data, such as buying behaviour, brand preferences and therefore target personalised offers and discounts. 

Big data and analytics can help retailers make more informed decisions about staffing and store layout, based on data and traffic counting solutions measured in-store. By measuring footfall you get to understand your busy periods and common trends.  

"36% of retailers' have seen their sales increase when they have adopted at least one of the three technologies.”

Retailers who take advantage of all three retail technology solutions are the ones who are seeing vast improvements in repeat purchasing and brand loyalty.

Beacon technology increases personalisation, digital signage increases brand awareness and is cost and resource effective, as content can be chopped and changed remotely and analytics provide the information you need to improve the experience using data.

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