Managed Telephony

Managed Telephony

Managed Telephony

Why pay thousands to install & maintain an in-house phone system - not to mention expensive circuits to support your calls? KFP can package a managed service in a convenient 36-month contract, supplying all of the required hardware, handsets and management in a per user per month fee.

Simple equation, big benefits

What makes a business class telephony service great value? Price? Features? Flexibility? 

How about all of the above. 

Imagine a managed pay per month system, inclusive of 4,000 minutes for every user* - which also included a leading CISCO IP handset worth well over £150. No expensive capital expenditure, or complicated installations, all wrapped up in a 36-month offering. 

Cut the costs of your communication - predictable, low monthly per-user budgeting, including maintenance, fully hosted;

Deploy wherever you are - from in-house roaming extensions to app-based mobile working, install to suit your business;

Built in continuity - powered by CISCO, in highly secure & redundant data centres - ensuring a world class service;

Industry leading services - includes the latest and most popular business functions;

Future-proofed forever - no more hardware & software upgrades. Remain up to date with continually evolving solution.

All of this can be delivered & managed via an online portal, meaning that your estate can be seamlessly administered from one location. 

Sound interesting? 

Download the relevant service brochure below, or get in touch with us using the form opposite to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

Managed Telephony - power your telephony over the web

Cloud Collaboration - connect all of your people with mobile apps for remote extensions, instant messaging and video calling

* - subject to package chosen

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