EU Vote - a message to our clients

Friday, June 24, 2016

EU Vote - a message from our CEO

Following the results of the EU referendum yesterday, I wanted to send a message to our clients in relation to what this means to the way in which we currently deliver our services across Europe. 

Whilst we have never commented on, or gone as far to say which way KFP might vote in the EU referendum, anyone who knows me personally would probably have a good idea on the thoughts of myself and the business.

So what does this all mean for our Business model, & our clients?

The reality is at this stage we really don’t know. The operations of our business will not change overnight, or even probably for 12 months. Following David Cameron's announcement this morning, depending on when the UK Government wish to implement Article 50 will dictate the timescales of any change.

What do we believe?

I truly believe that the UK will not want to stop trading with the EU. That all said, we have a responsibility to our clients to ensure valued service remains unaffected. To this end, KFP  will be looking to implement a plan to protect our business model by creating a new business under the KFP banner within what will be the new EU, ensuring the way our operations are designed & delivered will not be affected.

I assure all of our valued clients around the globe that you will see no difference to the service we provide for your entities within the EU.

Financial markets will undoubtedly be very volatile over the coming days, weeks & even months, and this will be the most challenging time for many businesses - not least KFP as we transact in multi-currencies - but we are prepared and confident that this will not affect our business.

I think that this is all we can really say at the moment, and we will be closely monitoring the situation as it develops over the coming weeks, as I am sure everyone will be. 

Many thanks

John Moss

CEO KFP Total IT Solutions

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