Fingopay from Sthaler - Biometrics taken to the next level

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

KFP Partners with Sthaler

KFP are delighted to announce that we are now an approved distribution center & partner for Fingopay technology from Sthaler. We will be working with Sthaler on roll out, installation & support in the UK and US markets.

Fingopay has been designed to bring new levels of speed, security and customer convenience to the retail and hospitality sectors. Whether at an event, on the high street, on the beach or at the bar, all users need to ‘carry’ is their fingers as every transaction is secured by their unique natural identity that is impossible to replicate as it’s an internal biometric with all data fully encrypted. Only presentation of the same finger at a Fingopay Vein ID scanner will authenticate a payment or trigger other tokens.

Transactions can take fewer than 4 seconds, and loyalty rewards can be ‘built in’ to the same process removing the need for customers to carry cards to earn payment linked rewards. Each transaction can involve the customer smartphone for additional security and an e-receipt is issued along with each transaction, and the customers’ Fingopay account updated in real time.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive at proof of concept and pilot stages, with Fingopay already being designated a Top 100 Disruptive Brand by Marketing Week.

See the recent Sky News article showcasing the technology here:

Sthaler founder Nick Dryden said “we are delighted to be working with KFP moving forward, ensuring the best possible quality of service & support which is hugely important to us”

KFP MD John Moss added “we are very excited to be associated with a market leader like Sthaler for biometric payment & loyalty solutions. With our key infrastructure skills and their cutting-edge technology, I truly believe together we will bring the next innovation of payment & loyalty technology to the Retail & Hospitality sectors.

Working in partnership with Sthaler, KFP can help with an end to end solution to plan, implement & integrate this cutting-edge technology in-store.

Sthaler & KFP @ RBTE 2017

On 8th & 9th May 2017 during RBTE at Olympia in London, Sthaler founder Nick Dryden and Commercial Director Simon Binns will be on our stand presenting their views on the future of biometrics at point of sale, and discussing their own plans for the future of Fingopay. They will also be demonstrating the customer journey and running a Q&A. Be sure to book an appointment with us to see the platform in action.

Alternatively, contact us now to learn more about this exciting retail technology. 

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