As a fully accredited IT services provider, we have extensive experience and agreements in place with all of the leading IT manufacturers to enable us to not only provide thousands of IT products at very cost effective prices, but also to engage with your vendor of choice when required to bring the best blend of technical assistance, product specification & solution design services to deliver the best solution, with the best products, at the best price. Whether you run a local shop with a single till or a large multi site international franchise, we have a solution to handle all requirements & budgets and provide excellent customer service and after sales care. We stock the world’s leading technology brands such as Toshiba, Microsoft, Cisco, HP & more at the best possible prices.

KFP can offer a number of procurement benefits for your business:

  • We communicate directly with Toshiba, Cisco, Zebra and other industry manufacturing leaders getting the most up-to-date hardware at the best prices
  • Access to 20,000+ IT products
  • Specialist POS and Retail function
  • Work with multiple vendors to determine the best deals for the company, and evaluate the pros and cons of each – based on price, quality & availability
  • Supply of replacement parts
  • Ability to offer a single supply chain

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