Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling Solutions

We pride ourselves in performing installation works to the highest possible standards and to back this up with high quality user-friendly documentation, enabling us to transform the ideas and real requirements of our clients into the best, future-proofed, functional system solutions available. We offer a range of high quality market leading structured cabling systems, supported by incomparable service from experienced and professional teams. Our installation operatives have detailed knowledge of the most up to date transmission techniques and communications technology. All employees receive regular training on quality, health and safety and specific technical skills both in house and via our partnerships with major manufacturers and distributors. Today’s evolving industry demands mean that intricate attention to the design and installation of your cabling infrastructure is paramount. A correctly designed and installed structured cabling system will far exceed the lifetime of the associated hardware, & with this in mind we strive to provide solutions tailored to meet not only immediate requirements but also to future proof systems for developing technology.

  • Copper Cabling Systems
  • Fibre Optic Cabling Systems
  • Voice Cabling Systems
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Systems
  • Containment Offerings

Copper Cabling Systems

KFP Total IT Solutions can supply, install and maintain the full range of copper network cabling systems.

  • Cat 5e UTP/FTP/STP Cabling
  • Cat 6 UTP/STP Cabling
  • Cat 6A UTP/STP
  • Cat 7 STP
  • Coax Based Cabling Systems
  • AV Cabling Systems

As authorised installers for a number of market leading manufacturers and distributors, we are also able to offer underwritten 25 year product and performance warranties.

Fibre Optic Cabling Systems

To meet client requirements for a reliable, guaranteed network infrastructure the installation of the correct back bone cabling system is essential. KFP has a wealth of experience in the installation, termination and testing of singlemode and multimode fibre optic cabling systems. Our cabling solutions are proven across a wide range of applications, utilising cable and components manufactured, installed and tested to both national and international standards. As a result we can offer a range of fibre optic cabling systems to provide solutions to our clients individual requirements. Fibre cabling is installed by our fully trained professional engineering staff using the latest technology, all tested to stringent parameters ensuring that the fibre back bone provides maximum network performance. Fibre services offered include:

  • Multimode fibre installation, testing and commissioning
  • Singlemode fibre installation, testing and commissioning
  • Fibre fault finding and repair

As authorised installers for a number of industry leading manufacturers and distributors we are able to offer flexible, cost effective solutions for fibre backbone, fibre to desk, and fibre / copper combined systems as well as supplying both standard and non-standard fibre patch leads and pre-made assemblies.

Voice Cabling Systems

KFP operates in conjunction with market leading equipment providers and selected business partners to design and install voice cabling systems and equipment. Whether your requirement is for additional outlets or moves and changes to existing positions, we can help. We are also able to carry out the installation of additional voice related infrastructure cabling. From the installation of CW1308 grade internal cabling to link floors, PBX systems, through to the installation of CW1128 external grade cables to link buildings or large campuses, KFP has the experience to design and implement tailored systems.

VoIP (Voice over IP) Systems

VoIP systems convert speech into packets of data for transmission over a data network. VoIP systems can be installed within a single building, between multiple buildings or over the public telephone network. Utilising VoIP can have significant advantages over traditional voice networks with regard to both flexibility and cost. We offer a range of VoIP solutions that allow our clients to adopt and introduce IP telephony at their required pace. Solutions include IP PBX systems and network based IP telephony products.

Containment Systems

In addition to the installation of the actual hardware, network, and cabling solutions, our cabling teams are experienced in the installation of cable containment systems within commercial, retail and industrial environments including:

  • Metal / plastic cable trunking systems
  • Metal / plastic conduit systems
  • Cable basket / tray / ladder rack systems

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