Wireless Services

Wireless Services

Wireless Services

When installing networks, there are occasions when physical cabling is not suitable. This may be due to a building’s listed status, or the need to supply on-demand connectivity for multiple users – for example, in retail environments or spectator arenas. 

Wireless technology plays a huge part in the modern retail store. From simple wireless networking to ensure store staff are as productive as possible when on the shop floor, to customer wireless & loyalty offerings we can help our clients design, create, plan & deploy the most suitable wireless services required in-store. 

However, it is not simply a case of installing a wireless access point in the middle of a store and hoping for the best. We work with our clients along a wireless deployment journey from understanding the conceptual need, to surveying locations for suitability, designing a solution, full implementation & on-going technical support services. The most successful wireless network deployments are planned, surveyed & eventually a bespoke fit. Our client journey looks something like this:

Initial Requirements

Step 1 is to understand the need. During this phase, it is vital that we understand the services & platforms that are needed from the wireless network. Only then can we advise on the most appropriate hardware to implement.

Coverage & Performance Surveys

This is often a phase which is overlooked, but it is the most critical. Only once a full wireless survey has been conducted in store using market leading analyses tools can a network be correctly designed & implemented. It is not just all about coverage. Other factors such as saturation rates from surrounding networks, interference, frequency performance and the structural make up of a building can all play a major role in the success of any wireless deployment. Our detailed surveys address all of these elements, and more. Upon completion we overlay the results to store plans to pin point the best locations to ensure full coverage and performance. 

Network design

Along with the information gathered during the initial requirements phase, we use this with the survey reports to begin mapping out the detail for the network design. From network IDs, to log in requirements, promotional & loyalty elements, bandwidth allowances, timed session limits, through to required connectivity & user management, we start to build the network - & how it will operate.


We are now ready to deploy your bespoke wireless solution, & our attentions now turn to designing a roll out plan, including any possible structured cabling implementations needed to ensure we can position an access point in just the right place. We understand that a large proportion of the work will need to take place outside of trading hours (unless being deployed in new stores) & can take away the headache of arranging shopping centre security passes, relevant access & delivering all materials to site on a just in time basis. 

Management & Support

Now that the network is installed and working perfectly, we can assist with any maintenance & support. From holding spare stock to allow swift replacement of units, to managing the environment for you - we can tailor a support platform to meet with differing requirements. 

KFP can work with our clients to build bespoke & specific wireless networks to individual needs. We partner with expert vendors & can offer wireless platforms from all the market leaders including CISCO Systems, Meraki & Aruba Networks. All have their own place in the market, and we can advise accordingly on the best fit.

Contact us now to discuss your wireless requirements. 

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