Data Centres For The Retail Industry

1. Data Center Professional Services

We help you to optimise your OPEX and CAPEX by delivering a comprehensive lifecycle of the data centre services from design-build, construction, operation and maintenance, through to IT Consulting Services offering Cloud and Colocation outsourced solution.

Our services will maximise your IT to support the growth of your business. 

2. Design

We shape an innovative future for you. Our team of designers, planners, engineers, drive innovation and challenge common predetermined ideas.

Our experience is on a global scale ranging from the most complex and demanding tier IV enterprise facilities to small and large scale multi-tenant data centres. We work together and in cooperation with our global trusted consultants and supply chain to create sustainable data centres to future proof your business.

3. Deliver

Driven by your trust, delivering enterprise or multi-tenant Data Centres is our everyday core experience and centre of excellence.

Our expertise has delivered over 100 megawatts of IT processing power across EMEA.

Privileged consultant for our clients, we have developed a solid and proven ecosystem model of supplier and vendor mapping that integrates with and manages cultural interfaces and drives value proposition and productivity on a global platform.


4. Operate

Our vision is to ensure that our clients can demonstrate outstanding operational stability and business growth utilising the backbone of KFP’s solid approach to data centre operations and resource efficiency that is represented in every aspect of our business and continuity planning.

We utilise CFD Modelling, CAFM, CMMS and DCIM technology, operated by Certified UTI M&O teams to ensure Data Centres are operated to continually improve PUE, maximising efficiency to ensure continued progress towards carbon neutrality and reducing running costs.

5. Sustainability

At KFP, we understand and acknowledge that you are concerned by the massive amount of energy consumption and expenditure related to running Data Centres.

We believe in sustainability, and our objective is to guide our clients thinking and deliver long-term sustainability and resilience for their data centres - which means we:   

  • Drive the focus on lowering carbon emission and develop these initiatives to provide you with a bespoke design, architecture and custom build for your business requirement now and prepare for your future needs in five years and beyond
  • Will be your vested partner and source of expertise on how to be more efficient setting goals together to reduce your IT carbon footprint and impact on the earth by 2030 and beyond.
  • Utilise carbon intelligent computing platforms, decommission unused equipment, audit, reduce and switch off, and operating a strict hot and cold aisle containment process
  • Ensure optimal environmental conditions for your IT equipment by maximising ASHRAE Standards
  • Modular phased part load build approach to reduce power into the Data Centre when it is not required
  • Innovative cooling design to increase free cooling
  • Deliver best in class PUE not yet realised by other DC providers

6. Consulting

At KFP, we work with you to make your business work better by delivering complete consulting solutions designed specifically for you.

These include: 

  • Digital transformation
  • Systems integration
  • Strategic business planning, setting goals and objectives with you
  • Coordinate and negotiate funding initiatives to support you gaining access to capital to realise your projects.

We provide you with visibility, guidance, and recommendations on how to address your market and secure revenues.

Experience our expertise

Thanks to our client’s trust, we are providing leading-edge data centre technology infrastructure and service solutions.

KFP wants to establish itself as your primary IT consultant providing you with leading telecommunication network solutions, data centre design, construction, & maintenance, whilst embracing innovation to ensure our data centre and maintenance offering is best in class.