An Extra 10,000 SQFT facility leased to support KFP’s continuous growth

PRESS RELEASE | 26th September 2019

OXFORDSHIRE, UK - KFP Total IT Solutions (KFP) are delighted to announce that they are expanding their existing office space. They’re not going far, they have leased the unit next door merging two facilities into one. KFP have officially confirmed the lease agreement and will now be merging their two units totalling 26,000 SQFT.  

As of late last month, KFP Founder & CEO John Moss signed the terms of agreement with the landlord with the idea of taking possession of the building in October and having the building operational within two months. This means that from October onwards, not only will KFP have increased its office space in Oxfordshire, it will also have their additional facility in Dublin.   

This strategic decision to expand the office space is all geared to provide KFP’s customers with additional size, space and capacity, allowing for larger operational capability across the European region. 

Every year KFP’s growth has far exceeded expectations and it is safe to say that expanding its current facility was inevitable, after continuous customer growth.     

John Moss has commented saying: “We couldn’t imagine being in this position three years ago. The level of growth we have experienced is a complete paradigm shift from when we started the business back in 2013. This facility has been crucial for us and key to supporting our growth and that of our customers. Our office, warehouse and configuration space allows us to run the day to day business all under one roof. The start of 2019 has been nothing short of exceptional and with everything that has gone on, the future for KFP is really exciting.”

What does this mean for KFP? Being in a position to merge both units and grow to this size is an amazing achievement for the company. KFP has not only grown on average by 54% year on year, gained brand new customers, and opened a new office in Dublin, but to grow their facility to 26,000 SQFT within 12 months is exceptional. This means more job creation, increased business sustainability and recognition for doing an exceptional job for their retail customers.

What does this mean for KFP’s customers? John Moss stated thatIt’s because of our customers that we are in business. We are truly grateful to be working with some of the largest global retail brands supporting their entire European IT operation. For our customers, it’s about giving them a bespoke solution, whether a designated space in the new facility or additional space within our secure staging and technical area, we continue to expand to offer our customers more”.   

KFP is well known as a business that is proactive as well as reactive. This year they released a statement to showcase their plan for Brexit, ensuring that there is no disruption to their customer's operation.

John Moss went on to say As a ‘No Deal’ Brexit becomes even more of a likely reality, we would like to reassure all of our customers that we are ready for any scenario. We have ensured that no cost of expansion, Brexit or any other external factors will affect our customers. We will not increase prices or drop our service levels."

By 2021, KFP forecast a £12M turnover and aim to be employing well over 65 members of staff to keep up with the demand for their services.



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