Big Data & Analytics Driving The Retail Culture

Data and Analytics play a vital role in giving stores information on their customers. An example is the measurement of footfall in and out of the store.

With this information, you can assess the amount of footfall and how long customers stay in your store. This level of information can also tell you which parts of the store are most popular and what are the best selling items. This coupled with sales figures gives you a much better insight into your behaviour.

As a retail store, you can benefit from maximising sales if you know what parts of the store are most popular, from here you can then situate your best selling items in these specific locations. From a retail perspective, you are utilising your best products in the most popular positions and could see an increase in sales. if you’re a retail store and you are looking to grow in size, improve your understanding of store numbers then a traffic counting solution gives you the best option for achieving this.

KFP provide as part of their implementation service, in-store traffic counting solutions giving you all the data needed to make more informed decisions. We have a track record in providing traffic solutions to some of the largest retailers worldwide and would welcome an opportunity to speak to you further about this.

If you would like to find out more about KFP’s Implementation service provision including traffic counting, then get in touch with us today?