Creating Intelligent Spaces: Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

KFP build intelligent spaces that create the perfect blend of connectivity through wireless installation and the best in class Wi-Fi technology, to provide retail, hospitality and convenience customers with a truly dedicated and personal service offering for its customers in-store.

Retail, hospitality, and convenience brands use dedicated applications to provide their customers with a truly personal service. These include loyalty offerings, marketing communication updates, and push notifications, all designed to drive better customer engagement and satisfaction.

The implementation of IoT, beacon technology, and third-party applications, can only be efficiently deployed with a Wi-Fi solution that connects all devices, seamlessly. This is where KFP come in.

As retail and hospitality specialists, we can design, deploy, configure and manage, smart Wi-Fi network solutions, that help customers capture data, automate analytics, measure footfall and turn their physical venues, into intelligent spaces.


Retail and hospitality businesses can meet the ever-growing needs of their customers with reliable Wi-Fi that enables effective communication, direct engagement, and purchasing, which can only ever be achieved, with the best in class wireless solutions.

Today, your customers expect Wi-Fi as a fundamental human right, whether they are staying in a hotel, shopping in-store, or sat at home, reliable Wi-Fi is to be expected in all situations.

Your customers expect abundant Wi-Fi connectivity to browse their smartphones, especially when using loyalty offering applications in-store. With all the changes taking place across the retail industry, it’s those retailers who take advantage of wireless technology, that are seeing repeat purchases and regular customers returning to their stores.

As a leading wireless IT provider, we partner with the market-leading vendors, who can provide an array of wireless solutions that support all commercial requirements.


In today’s highly-competitive environments, (and now because of COVID-19) retail and hospitality businesses should be taking full advantage of the technologies they’ve invested in to learn more about their customers, modernise their stores and provide first-class customer service.

Cisco Meraki’s integrated solutions enable enhanced guest experiences while delivering the intelligence required to drive business decisions and increase customer loyalty, as well as meeting compliance requirements, with easy-to-deploy solutions, that propels your business forward.

Cisco Meraki’s Cloud Networking solution provides a truly centralised management, visibility and control system, without the cost and complexity of deployment.


Retail and hospitality brands are finding it difficult to secure customer loyalty with so much competition for customers’ attention, but understanding your customers and their behaviours is the most powerful tool you can utilise.

When browsing in-store, most of your customers will be interacting with their smartphones, while roaming around looking at all your products. By leveraging Cisco Meraki as a wireless solution, retailers can benefit from its out-of-the-box analytics platform and wireless application technology, that delivers a truly personal service.

The solution we provide can include location analytics, which allows you to understand user behaviour and measure footfall traffic for specific time periods. You can use this information to make better-informed decisions on staffing, storefront design or point-of-sale positioning, all to create intelligent spaces.


Even with the growth of online e-commerce, customers still like to shop in-store, but expect a great experience when they do.

Traditionally, when customers/consumers want to buy something, they will head to the high street, enter your store, find the desired item, then either buy it or leave the store without a purchase.

In order for this process to work more efficiently, retailers need to employ wireless networks that can deliver the performance needed for a high-quality, reliable service that communicates directly with their customers, so if they don’t purchase, you can find out why.

Cisco Meraki wireless networks are able to deliver superior performance in the highest density wireless environments and under the most demanding network traffic conditions.


Retailers with robust wireless deployments are in a prime position to build a sophisticated system that helps them learn more about their customer’s shopping activities.

By using the APIs embedded within Cisco Meraki, retailers can build historical profiles of shoppers and patterns of network activity, allowing them to tie that activity to revenue in their data systems to identify high-value frequent visitors, deliver location-based ads, and market personal promotional content.

As part of our managed services, KFP can provide a centralised management service that allows us to proactively manage and monitor all IoT devices (PC, Mac, iOS and Android-based retail devices including inventory scanners and point-of-sale systems) showing useful metrics that will tell us if you’re likely to encounter downtime or hardware failures, that will impact trade.

We believe that data analytics and understanding your customers is more critical than ever before.  

That’s why we deploy smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions that help retailers deliver real-time data to support marketing automation, location management and improve NPS.

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