Digital signage growing in popularity but can smaller retailers benefit from using them?

Large retailers all around the world use digital signage as a communication tool but more of the tier two retailers are seeing the investment in digital signage as worthwhile. 

According to research, smaller retailers (40-200 stores) are looking to install digital signage as a way of promoting sales offers, discounts and provide product information.

Some retail experts believe that it is now time for all retailers regardless of their size or their number of stores, to start using digital signage as a way of improving communication and the customer experience in-store.

One major benefit of digital signage is that it does grab the attention of customers who are walking by. This can often be witnessed in large shopping centres and by a high footfall of passing traffic. The smaller retailers will be looking at ways in which they can increase the numbers of those customers entering the store, but provide digital signage once they are in-store.

Digital signage is often associated with the more luxury retailers and recent research has shown that out of 1,000 retail customers, 87% were first attracted into a store because of a digital promotion.

On average a retail customer is exposed to over 56 minutes of digital signage per month and this is expected to rise.

Traditionally, retailers put up place cards, brochures and posters in their store to communicate with their customers but digital signage gives retailers that modern look and seamless promotion.

Digital signage can, therefore, be utilised by all tiers of retailers and help towards improving sales and customer experience.

Is digital signage truly the most effective way of providing a better service to customers?

In 2018, German, Austrian and Switzerland based retailers were responsible for 75% per cent of all digital signage projects.

The US retail market has always been an early adopter of digital signage but other European countries are catching up because they only now see the value in it, and this includes tier 2 & 3 retailers.

The most appealing aspect for retailers to adopt digital display technology is that it is an easy way to promote your information, discounts and seasonal offers to a large number of customers, therefore increasing your sales.

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