Remote monitoring of your IT Infrastructure

A leading APC by Schneider Electric Partner

KFP only partner with the best.

Throughout the world, the APC brand has become synonymous with best in class power, cooling and management solutions.

APC are the product leaders in critical power protection and cooling, which delivers 24/7 power to our retail customers’ IT infrastructure, bringing essential power protection to retail estates across Europe, ensuring they can continually trade.

As a leading APC partner, we supply, manage, and install APC hardware whilst utilising the cloud-managed platform EcoStruxure, to keep you powered, and trading at all times.  

Managed Monitoring with KFP

Building on 100+ years of Schneider Electric expertise and technology, EcoStruxure for retail makes the complex simple and ensures connectivity across your portfolio, giving you best-in-class refrigeration, environment, energy and security control across your assets.

Through a managed service offering, KFP can provide you with a dedicated managed support service, where to provide the relevant information from the store operator right through to the CEO.

EcoStruxure for Retail: Cloud management of IoT Devices

At KFP, we don't just install, replace, and manage your UPS technology and leave you too it.

We know that over time, UPS batteries wear out, which leads to both loss of capacity and runtime. But how about a solution, that deliveries prior warning of your IT infrastructure through a leading cloud solution, before any real threats, take place? KFP can do this for you using the latest cloud management platform, EcoStruxure.

EcoStruxure for retail is a platform that brings IoT-enabled systems and devices to retailers, and we provide you with a fully managed support service, giving you better planning and management, boosting efficiency, preventing business loss, and creating an engaging, unique shopping experience for your customers’ with impressive in-store interactive technology, that we will ensure is powered on.

Ecostruxure IT Currently Consists of

EcoStruxure IT App

Free smartphone app that keeps you informed of the health of your critical infrastructure, and provides you with alarm notification in the event of an issue.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

Free software that handles communication with your monitored devices, gathering and sending device data for smart alarm notification.
See system requirements for the gateway.

EcoStruxure IT web interface

The multi-site remote management web interface provides you with an overview of your entire physical infrastructure – including lights out sites. You’ll get detailed insights, assessments, alarms, and ability to benchmark your assets.


Multi-site Remote Management: Supporting Retail IT Assets Remotely

Visibility at the Edge

Using live data, smart alarming, and data-driven insights, EcoStruxure IT Expert:

  • Synthesises real-time performance and alarm data from its massive data lake to create actionable assessments
  • Provides proactive recommendations for secure, wherever-you-go visibility and control
  • Allows for 24/7 visibility into the health of their critical physical infrastructures and sends it directly to your smartphone or email



Keeping your business powered

KFP know just how important keeping your retail stores, businesses, and data centres, powered at all times, this as we know, is essential to your business continuity.

Downtime not only costs you money, but also damages reputation, and your brand. Powered by the market-leading UPS technology from APC, the full UPS stack is the perfect solution for your servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches, hubs and other IT infrastructure technology, that requires secure power.

As an eco-conscious business, KFP uses the latest UPS technology to ensure the best environmental practices are adhered to.

The benefit of sourcing UPS from APC is that they recycle used batteries and almost 100% of the battery lead content is reused, protecting the environment

Stay Powered, remain connected

Gain full visibility into the health of your IT infrastructure from anywhere, improve its performance, and mitigate risk with EcoStruxure IT Expert.

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