Why choose Brother?

Brother has a heritage in printing that stretches back over 50 years, with vast experience working with retailers large and small nationwide.

In fact, when you partner with Brother, you’ll be joining some of the biggest names in the sector, including three of the top five food and grocery retailers.

Their expertise is diverse, covering everything from fast food and car rental to hotels and sportswear!

Brother label printers can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated with your existing software

Brother label printers can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated with your existing software.

We work in partnership with leading food data management specialists including NT Assure, Navitas, PREPsafe and Nutritics and can help you find the perfect software solution. if you don’t already have one.

A good example of integrated use is menu management. Including a Brother label printer in your menu management process ensures those preparing recipes can leave crystal-clear information for both staff and customers about what’s included.

Options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are great for working from smartphones and tablets, and our label printers are made to withstand life in a busy kitchen. We can even offer a range of extras like external roll holders, tablet mounts and label peelers to make life that bit easier for you and your staff.

Brother Partner

As a brother partner, KFP have developed extensive knowledge, expertise, and have experience across the whole portfolio of products. Brother are true market leaders in food labelling solutions to ensure you are compliant and providing a safe environment for your staff and customers. 

Designed for retail

3 out of the top 5 food and grocery retailers choose Brother as their printing partner

Read the case studies below to find out how Brother's product and solutions have helped retailers increase their productivity and efficiency.

Technology Solutions for the Retail Sector

No two retail locations are the same, but we've helped a huge range of retailers to overcome challenges of all shapes and sizes. Our retail technology solutions have been designed to meet a wide range of requirements: 

  • Printing point of sale material, price tags and shelf edge labels
  • Sharing information between stores and head office electronically
  • Printing on location with customers
  • Using space efficiently 
  • Operating within strict budgets
  • Predicting and preventing downtime and lost business
  • Seamless integration with legacy and bespoke systems

Brother supports household names

The challenge

The Subway® store situated in Basingstoke was determined to take back control of their day dot printing and the downtime which often led to employees reverting to manual handwritten labels.

The store was using an old label printer to produce defrost and preparation labels for all ingredients, however the label printer would frequently break. The high initial cost of the machine, coupled with the unsatisfactory support and high repair costs, lead to staff and managers feeling frustrated.

The Solution

The Chineham store trialled the Brother TD-2120N label printer for six weeks, replacing their existing machine. The Brother solution was completely fit for purpose and with the addition of a label peeler and easy to follow instructions, it made the task of labelling frozen and prepared ingredients a lot quicker and more effective.

The Results

Subway® were absolutely thrilled with the TD-2120N. The speed and efficiency at which their staff can complete the day dotting tasks means they have more time to make and serve food to their customers; ultimately improving customer experience.

Give customers more clarity with Brother food labelling solutions 

Improve accuracy and efficiency with Brother’s food labelling solutions, including stock rotation labelling, labels for food pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) and menu management solutions.

The ingredients you need for effective food labelling

Tougher food labelling regulations and rising customer expectations are making accurate food labelling more important than ever. Whether it’s stock rotation labellingingredient and allergen labels, or menu management solutions, Brother delivers absolute clarity on your food labels. So you can focus on delighting customers, offering not just great food, but also added peace of mind. 

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