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KFP Honored for Outstanding Performance and Year-over-Year Growth

In early May 2021, Cradlepoint awarded KFP with the EMEA Growth Partner of the Year award. The award was presented to us at Cradlepoint’s Wireless WAN World Tour, the company’s virtual Global Partner Summit. 

The EMEA Growth Partner of the Year award highlights KFP's ability to deliver 5G wireless WAN technology to our customers in Europe. Our goal is to give you, our valued customers 5G connectivity, keeping you trading, at all times.  


Cradlepoint emea growth partner of the year

Cradlepoint 5G

5G isn’t just a fatter pipe. More than any previous cellular generations, 5G offers greater performance and services through a diverse collection of enhanced technologies, new spectrum, and advanced infrastructure.

Further, whereas past generations focused mostly on consumers and phones, 5G addresses a much broader user base such as businesses, governments, and first responders.

To best serve these organisations, 5G will not only offer significantly better download and upload speeds but will deliver much lower latency and new capabilities, such as network slicing and multi-access edge computing.

We support organisations with a truly customisable solution and managed service that supports 99.9% uptime that keeps you operating.


Cradlepoint solutions 5g hardware

Cradlepoint Elite Partner

KFP have achieved Cradlepoint Elite Partner status meaning we have achieved the highest level of accreditation, knowledge, skills, and expertise across the Cradlepoint portfolio. As a valued partner, we can procure, install, and support Cradlepoint 4G/5G solutions for your business. Our goal is to keep you connected, so you can keep trading. 

We believe that 5G will save you money! There, we said it. As well as saving you money, how about guaranteed business continuity from our existing 4G LTE solutions and very soon, the most powerful 5G connection on the market?

Powered by Cradlepoint NetCloud

Cradlepoint has the most extensive portfolio of enterprise-class wireless routers and adapters for every use case. From branch connectivity and continuity to mobile and in-vehicle networks and connecting IoT devices, the endpoint solutions you need are all right here — built and backed by Cradlepoint.

Powered by Cradlepoint 5g netcloud

Cradlepoint Netcloud solution

We are an authorised Cradlepoint reseller and we work alongside cradlepoint to deliver leading primary and failover 4G LTE solutions to our retail customers.

Leveraging the Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution into our overall networking services, we can deliver day-one connectivity to new retail locations which don’t yet have their fixed line installed – enabling our customers to get new stores up and running as quickly as possible. This same 4G LTE connection can also later be converted to a failover solution, keeping locations online and running even if issues arise with the primary connection.

Cradlepoint netcloud solutions

Cradlepoint Wireless edge solutions

Technology is transforming retail. From brick-and-mortar locations to pop-ups, kiosks, and vending machines, dependable connectivity drives customer experiences and enables critical applications and services. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless edge routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G to create a secure, nonstop WAN edge that connects everything inside the store and out — wherever you transact with customers.

Create, deploy & manage branch networks

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Solution Packages for Branch Networks deliver pervasive broadband connectivity and the industry’s fastest LTE connections, cloud-like agility, and software extensibility for fixed and pop-up retail locations, restaurants, offices, and more. Cradlepoint’s Advanced Edge Routers are cloud-managed and can be deployed anywhere in days instead of months. Benefits include:

  • Single-pane-of-glass cloud management
  • Gigabit-Class LTE with a pathway to 5G
  • Branch Continuity & LTE failover
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Out-of-Band Management
  • SD-WAN for optimized LTE path selection
  • Unified edge security
  • Comprehensive IoT support


Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution Packages for Branch Networks

New locations

Opening a new location is a competitive and deadline-driven experience. Waiting on an ISP to provision connectivity could hold up opening a new location or office (and revenue generation) by weeks, while the parent company continues incurring overhead. In enterprises with razor-thin profit margins, these delays can cripple a new location even before it officially launches.

Cradlepoint solutions for new locations

Choosing pop-up network solutions

Given the fleeting nature of most pop-up scenarios, it isn’t realistic or practical to invest anywhere near the same amount of IT resources or energy in setting up a pop-up network as one would a primary network. Speed and simplicity are essential when it comes to deploying the necessary technology infrastructure for pop-up and temporary networks. Cradlepoint products provide exactly what's needed.

Cradlepoint pop-up network solutions

Cost of downtime

$5,600 in revenue is lost to downtime each minute. When network connections fail, there is a loss of productivity, brand credibility, and revenue — revenue that is likely lost to competitors.

What would happen if during peak business hours your store's wired Internet connection fails?

If you're looking to provide secure failover for your existing infrastructure, our Cradlepoint solutions offering can help you to continue to trade, if your main network fails.

Fill out your details below to find out how we can support you.  

Cradlepoint secure failover solution

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