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Installation partners for the world’s leading provider of Electronic Shelf Label and Digital Store Solutions

KFP Total IT Solutions is an installation partner for Hanshow the world’s leading provider of electronic shelf label and omni-channel digital store solutions.

Hanshow’s electronic shelf labels (ESL) have set the standard for industry quality, with digital price tags that have been carefully designed for longevity, speed, and stability. Every component of Hanshow’s ESL; from its specially designed processor and battery, to internal component packaging and wireless communications protocol, have been formulated to consume minimal energy. This makes Hanshow’s digital price tags some of the longest-lasting and most stable on the market.

Hanshow digital store solutions

Electronic Shelf Labels enhance the customers’ digital shopping experience as well as also helping improve in store pricing and promotion management:

  • Cost reductions - Dynamic pricing opens up new promotional opportunities and increased sales while reducing wasted products
  • Empowering profitability - Prices can be set according to sales data analysis to increase sales at optimal times
  • Boosting efficiency - Prices can be updated instantly, sales promotions can be more frequent, and inventory can be moved more efficiently
  • Generating revenue - Advertising can increase sales and bring in new revenue

Hanshow’s shelf labelling solutions are designed to cater for a range of environments including fresh food retail displays where they also improve store operational efficiency and aesthetics to enhance profitability.

Full-colour LCD electronic shelf labels with Certified IP65 and IP68 water and dust resistance ratings, wide normal operating temperature ranges, and up to 15-Year battery life also support instant refresh and multiple material display functionality.

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