Toshiba Service Partner

10 years of partnership with Toshiba

Toshiba is one of the leading suppliers of retail technology with their portfolio known for its performance, reliability and aesthetics all designed to deliver an exceptional in-store experience.

10 years of partnership with Toshiba has had a tremendous impact on our product offering and our capabilities within the marketplace.

We are proud to announce that we have worked with Toshiba to supply some of the world's largest retail brands worldwide with the latest Toshiba EPOS technology. 

Strength in partnership

We have been in partnership with Toshiba since 2009 when they bought the retail business from IBM. 

The Toshiba brand is a real asset and supports KFP when speaking with US & European based retailers.

The quality, stability and reliability of its existing portfolio is a real selling point for us and we intend on maximizing the relationship in the future. 

Toshiba - commerce gold partner

KFP has achieved high levels of education in product solutions and the Toshiba retail industry, ensuring our continued success in the retail market segment. We have an established and long-term working relationship with Toshiba and are a Gold Partner in the Together Commerce Alliance program, working closely to promote the combined Toshiba & KFP offering for retail and hospitality markets.


Toshiba - authorised service partner

We are a Toshiba Authorised Service Partner in the Together Commerce Alliance Program. This is a signed subcontractor agreement to offer warranty services and maintenance to Toshiba customers, & is in recognition of KFP technical abilities and demonstrates the strength of our partnership, having been given approval by Toshiba to perform warranty and maintenance services delivery to their customers.

Working with John and the KFP team is a real pleasure

We have a well fostered business relationship and work with KFP in the implementation of our Toshiba hardware in some of the largest retailers worldwide

Darren Holland Sales Director – Toshiba TEC UK

A long-standing partnership made for retail

If you are interested in sourcing Toshiba technology for your retail estate then call and speak with one of the team.