Quickly Surface Meaningful Events

Cameras act as sensors, leveraging the latest in AI and edge computing to uncover actionable insights in real-time.

KFP partner with Verakda to deliver simple to install, use, and maintain best in class security technology to give retail and hospitality businesses peace of mind.

With Verkada, you plug-and-play and your devices are online within minutes but without complex configurations. You can securely access devices across your organisation from any browser or device.

Protect Stores & Assets

Minimize loss, protect people and assets, and gain insights into customer behaviour that can increase sales with Verkada’s retail surveillance system. With advanced features like heatmaps, people counting, and floor plans, maintain visibility and site awareness across all locations and simplify surveillance management.

Made to support retail staff

Improve visibility across the entire store. By centralizing footage into a single screen, simplify management and improve in-store performance and staff efficiency. The intuitive platform requires no technical onboarding, and is simple enough for anyone to use.

Track Inventory Loss

Security cameras in retail locations improves store visibility, making it an effective resource for inventory management and theft prevention.

With Verkada’s advanced video security solution, use advanced object, motion, and time-based filters to pinpoint when an incident or theft occurred.

With just a few clicks, quickly share the footage with appropriate authorities to understand the circumstance and respond appropriately to the situation.

Gain Store Insights

Protect your customers, assets, and brand with a video security solution that surfaces potential threats and provides actionable insights.

Verkada offers powerful features like heatmaps and people counting that assess traffic within the sales floor and identify ways to increase sales and staff efficiency.

With activity-based analytics and computer vision technology, it’s simple to gain insights and improve a business’ bottom line.

Save Money by Deterring Potential Threats

By installing security cameras in areas that are obvious to shoplifters and employees, deter theft and other acts of vandalism.

Additionally, placing security cameras in high-traffic areas and unmonitored spaces might also reveal blindspots and reduce the number of retail crimes.

With cameras that continuously monitor sales floors, cash registers, entrances, and exits, ensure that all in-store activities are recorded and can be reviewed in the event of theft.

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