Retail Logistics & Warehousing

Retail Logistics & Warehousing Services

The KFP Logistics & Warehouse service is key to our business as it’s the backbone that helps our retail customers streamline their logistics operations and reduce costs through effective management & dispatch of retail IT stock throughout Europe.

Reliable Retail IT System Delivery

From start to finish, it is the KFP way to ensure the delivery of your required goods are sent to the required place, at the required time, in the required state and to the required person.

Order fulfilment is the core of our warehousing & distribution services and we strive to offer expedited distribution to all of our retail customers. We achieve this level of service because of our internal processes and the ability to track an order from purchasing, to dispatch and delivery. We have achieved this because of our many years experience in the transportation of assets and supply chain experience working across Europe.

Retail Logistics Solutions with Effective IT

We believe that the pace of retail is forever changing and with this change comes the need for more efficient logistical operations. With our ever-expanding marketplace, KFP appreciates the importance of efficient logistics to deliver your stock across Europe. 

We are currently operating throughout the UK and Europe, with an ever-increasing need to supply customer hardware including POS terminals, servers & networking, cabling and many other products to site in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

Logistics is at the centre of electronic commerce (e-commerce) which is also continually evolving. We work directly with tier one carriers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL to ensure an efficient and effective logistics IT system and service.

Depot Services

KFP’s depot service is the most cost-effective and efficient way to keep your equipment up and running. We offer several different program options to give you a time saving benefits while keeping your equipment maintenance and repair costs as low as possible.

What makes KFP special is that we have multiple forward stock locations, therefore, stock availability is readily offered all over Europe. Stock is never too far from our customers which means if stock failures occur, our break-fix solutions ensure minimal downtime for your retail operation.

The KFP depot service is able to offer you total flexibility to either increase or decrease storage space and equipment requirements.

RMA and Warranty Services

As part of our RMA process, we have a best in class warranty services team that can repair your failed technology from your retail stores. Once repairs are complete, stock can then be added back into circulation for break-fix services. With our break-fix solution, you will rest assured that stock will be available at short notice in order to keep your store operating with maximum efficiency. 

On Time & Within Budget

A range of business tasks are undertaken to support the smooth and efficient operation of supply chain processes.

Within our Oxfordshire head office location, our warehouse and logistics team work tirelessly to ensure that the right products are delivered to the right location on time and on budget.

Communication is key to the whole supply chain process from the team effectively tracking the transportation of stock to maintaining stock control within our 13,500 sq. ft. of warehousing facilities. 

Our warehouse team co-ordinate internally and can liaise with suppliers to keep track of stock levels, delivery times and transport costs. 

Supporting your growth & seasonal needs

Often retailers need storage, shipping and urgent equipment required to support their business during seasonal or large growth cycles. Our retail logistics & warehousing solutions can offer customers total flexibility to either increase or decrease their space, equipment and storage requirements.

By utilising our secure warehouse facility, you do not have to use your capital to acquire a building for storage and distribution. Instead, you can store your stock within our facility which has the capacity to grow and develop as your retail business does.  

Providing you with Retail Logistics & Depot IT Services across Europe

With hundreds of retail locations to support across Europe, we have an 11,000 sq. ft. UK warehouse and logistics department capable of large-scale dispatch and delivery of stock to your store locations. Alongside our warehouse and logistics services and multiple forward stock locations, we have an engineer presence all over Europe with the ability to attend site at short notice.  

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Over the last year KFP have become a key partner of FatFace. Their agile and skilled team ensured the smooth delivery of a complex rollout. KFP now provide outstanding day to day support to FatFace. It is a relationship that been key in the delivery of D365 Commerce to our stores.