£2,000.00 sponsorship to support Kidlington Cricket Club

Company News - January 06, 2020
KFP continue their annual tradition by sponsoring Kidlington Cricket Club with a £2,000.00 sponsorship donation.
John Moss, KFP Founder & CEO has sponsored the Kidlington Cricket Club for the last 6 years giving the club vital funds, support and the expertise to drive the cricket club forward.
A key motivator of John's was to support youth development and add an additional team to the club.
In 2010, when John took over as chairman of the cricket club, he laid down his ambitious plans to re-establish Kidlington as one of Oxfordshire’s top cricket clubs at senior and youth levels.
When John’s not spending most of his time running KFP or dedicating time with his family, he commits any free time left managing the club.
For John, it’s not only about training the next generation of cricketers, but it’s about developing confidence in youngsters, helping them develop team-building skills, and installing a sense of pride among everyone at the club. But they could have not done it without the help of sponsors.
One of his finest moments when taking over this the club was transforming its fortunes through maximising commercial sponsorship through local businesses and using his business acumen to drive both financial and match day performance. Today the club actively engages hundreds of young people around Oxfordshire and brings together a sense of team spirit from one dedicated man, John Moss.
The £2,000.00 sponsorship will go in the Kidlington Cricket Club funds to support the club for 2020 onwards.
Here's to a successful 2020 season...