4 Ways In Which You Can Maintain Your POS Devices This Summer

KFP Blog - June 03, 2019
As a retail IT services company with over 20 years’ experience, we believe that it’s just as important to provide tips and advice to our retail customers, as much as it is providing an outstanding IT service. In order to provide you with value before the retail peak, why not see some tips below on how to preserve your POS hardware?
  1. This may seem obvious, however regularly cleaning of your POS systems is essential to its longevity. Dust, dirt and grime can build up over time and cause the device to decay. Cleaning around the exterior of the device, cleaning the inside and outside of the printer and handling the main screen with care, will help towards keeping your POS device clean and maintained.
  2. Handling with care. Your members of staff will be using the POS system during very busy trading hours so training your staff on how to handle the device with care will help towards maintaining the device and ensure minimal damage. One device down is trouble, multiple devices down is a disaster.
  3. Our helpdesk team are vital to the support of our retail customers but here is a tip for retail staff. Restarting your POS system is the first step in troubleshooting. The best devices need downtime, especially with today’s busy retailing. POS devices can be overworked and that’s when the wear and tear kicks in. Regularly updating, restarting and refreshes will keep your POS system updated. 
  4. Work with experts. Working with IT experts in the retail industry is key to ensuring your IT infrastructure runs as it should and that you reduce any downtime that will affect your trading. Having an IT support arm for your business can be the difference between a seamless retail operation and one that fails and lets your customers down.
Are you looking to refresh your POS system this summer? If so, KFP can support the full procurement, planning, installation and technical support for multiple stores. Once your POS rollout is complete, we hope you can use the above tips to keep your POS devices working as efficiently as they should.
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