Aerohive Atom AP30: Retail Analytics Kit In A Box

Industry Insights - December 06, 2018
Many retail locations such as shopping malls provide building-wide Wi-Fi for guest access, so the individual stores don’t have to handle it. While they might not deploy Wi-Fi for guest access, individual stores might still want access to retail analytics to measure usage and manage their own wireless infrastructure.
KFP work with Aerohive as a wireless partner to supply the latest technology including the Atom AP30 which revolutionises the way WIFI is designed, deployed and RE-deployed providing improved enterprise access, monitoring, and analytics in a new compact form.
Aerohive’s cloud services platform has open APIs that use Wi-Fi network data in applications that provide comprehensive retail analytics for the marketing staff. When any Wi-Fi enabled device has its Wi-Fi enabled, it sends signals to search for access points in the area. The Aerohive Atom AP30 detects that probe, which indicates the presence of the device, signal strength, the manufacturer, and the MAC address of the device.
The marketing staff of a retail store can use this information to understand linger time on displays. This information can help teams determine the effectiveness of digital marketing and discount display. You could also use this information to determine the average amount of time customers stay in the store, and correlate that to sales numbers for the day. Thanks to our open APIs, the possibilities are endless.
Aerohive Atom AP30 includes three access points in a single box. You have to get one of the Atom AP30 devices on the wired network, and you can leverage mesh networking on the other ones. Even without providing guest access to this network, you can still gain valuable information that can help you make decisions on how you design your displays and lay out your store. If you have multiple stores, you can monitor live traffic data on top of being able to look at historical information.
The Atom AP30 has the ability to bridge IoT devices onto the network. Many IoT devices rely on Ethernet only. Even if they offer Wi-Fi, it might not support advanced authentication methods. With Aerohive Atom AP30, you can use the Ethernet port to connect an IoT device securely to the Wi-Fi network. Connecting the device in this manner can ensure security while also limiting new cable runs. If you would like to find out more about Aerohive products you can find out more by getting in touch on +44 (0) 1235 539101