Commscope Partnership Announcement

KFP Blog - March 09, 2020
We couldn't be happier adding Commscope to our portfolio of partnerships.
Over the last 3 weeks, the KFP team have dedicated hours of training and studying for their Commscope examinations. All this training and investment is to ensure that our staff become highly knowledgeable of the Commscope hardware portfolio.
Commscope are one of the leading network solution providers of enterprise networks, data centres, fixed access networks, video processing, 5G/mobile, managed networks and professional services. They help unlock potential that enables retail customers to innovate faster, increase bandwidth, expand capacity and services, enhance efficiency, speed deployment and simplify migration, we are very pleased to be able to offer our customers IT products from the Commscope portfolio
Learning and development within the KFP team is not uncommon. As a Retail IT provider supporting some of the world’s leading retail brands with IT installation, networking, hardware and EPOS services, we take learning and development very seriously.
KFP has always taken the viewpoint that training and development in the workplace is not the only key to retaining members of staff, but it’s a necessity to ensuring employees in each and every department are skilled and equipped in providing the best possible service to our customers.
We believe that if we become the most knowledgeable through training, the most focused through development and offer a professional service to our customers, we retain our competitive advantage in the market place, all whilst sticking to our core values, making up KFP.
From engineering, project management and even to the top, including our founder and CEO, we have invested in training and development for everyone.
This month’s training included our CEO, one of our engineers and our senior project manager: