Creating A Thriving In-Store Ecosystem With Honeywell

KFP Blog - October 26, 2020
From the storefront to the backroom, Honeywell's In-store Retail solutions bring together people, assets, and merchandise in powerful new ways.
With innovative loT tools and data insights built on the expertise of leading software developers and retail workflow specialists, you can connect all your associates with each other, with shoppers, and with enterprise systems that drive shelf replenishment, task management, and reverse logistics.
You can also tap into Honeywell's proven experience in helping teams work more efficiently every day, supported by a full portfolio of fast-deploying Mobility Edge™ mobile devices – built to handle updates through Android™ R.
It's all about helping you overcome every barrier to create a consistent, satisfying in-store experience for today's consumers while ensuring your operation is more profitable.

Creating a thriving in-store ecosystem with Honeywell

Product Details

Retailers today are facing enormous challenges with changing consumer buying patterns and resulting in omni-channel fulfilment demands. And even though digital fulfillment is growing, more than 90% of retail sales today still happen in a brick and mortar store – making it imperative for enterprises to empower associates and highly mobile workers with mobile devices allowing them to seamlessly speed and improve the customer experience.


Introducing the Dolphin CT40 mobile computer


Designed for retail store associates and other highly mobile workers, the lightweight, ergonomic Dolphin CT40 device is a sleek and stylish enterprise-class, full-touch device that helps improve worker productivity on the sales floor, backroom, warehouse, or on a delivery run.

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