Hardware Upgrade This Summer - What Things You Should Consider

KFP Blog - July 04, 2019
1. Suitability
It is important that your hardware whether new POS systems or back office servers that the size of your store has the capacity for IT infrastructure. Modern store designers have designed stores specifically to be open plan with lots of natural light and free space, which is good for the implementation of modern retail technology. KFP can provide a range of technology solutions from traditional networking infrastructure to wireless technology, we fully understand retail stores, as we've been doing it for so long and what technology is suitable for each and every store in your estate.
2. Your Brand
As a retail IT services brand operating for over 20 years for high-end apparel retail customers, it's important that the IT partner you chose for opening your new store is up to par to deal with exceeding customer expectations. A store that has high traffic footfall and wants to use innovative technology in-store needs to think about the type of vendor they wish to use and if that vendor provides the solution they need to match their customer's needs.
KFP only work with the top tier vendors including the two biggest POS solutions providers in the business, we do this because our service levels are of the highest standard, therefore we will only partner with the very best.
3. Capability & Integration
We have tremendous experience working with third-party software providers for cloud and POS devices. Knowing you have a partner who understands what software is compatible with each and every operating environment is key because this not only saves you money, it prevents any technical issues later on down the road. You can rely on KFP to provide the right solution, the right hardware and deliver the best levels of support.
4. Smart Devices & Managed Services
Whether the implementation of RFID technology in your warehouse or a network monitoring system capable of segmenting and allocating traffic is an efficient manner, this is something you should consider as a long term solution when implementing technology in-store. Once your technology becomes overworked or too reliant on physical hardware, this could cause issues with uptime, connectivity and security. At KFP we have a managed services solution capable of monitoring your IoT helping you get on with the day to day business of running a retail store.
5. Finding the right partner
Knowing that you have a partner capable of replacing parts, dispatching stock to site, meeting SLA's and providing the best levels of service across Europe, is a partner you know will be reliable to deliver your expectations. KFP is trusted by some of the biggest retail brands worldwide and has proven time and time again that we can deliver retail IT solutions better than our competition.
Whether you're looking to reduce your failure rates, rollout the latest hardware or POS technology and need an IT support partner capable of keeping your retail operation moving, you can rely on KFP to deliver these for you.
If you would like to find out more then get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1235 539101 or email us hello@kfpit.com