Improving Your Retail Infrastructure But Using Modern Technology To Remain Cutting Edge

KFP Blog - August 24, 2018
Today’s retail environment is very different than it was 30 years ago. It is now becoming ever more important than ever before that retailers are thinking outside the box with regards to the design and layout of their store.
A creative retail space is becoming more significant in delivering an improved customer experience. With the growing need for retailers to have a creative retail space, where does this leave landlords who are leasing the property? Should landlords be thinking more about how creative their retail space is and use this as a means to work with the retailer to provide a better overall service?
Many commentators within the retail space have said that with the competitive nature of brick and mortar retail and the growing need for improving in-store experience, retailers should be thinking more about the use of space, location, in-store display and advanced retail technology, to improve the customer experience, not only relying on their store.
Whilst many have commented on why retail infrastructure is an important aspect to consider when planning a new store, and that stores aren’t too cramped, dirty or outdated, it is more vital that modern technology is used to provide a better service to retail customers, and this is why Beacon Technology can help the high street.
Chuck Martin called beacon technology “the missing piece in the whole mobile-shopping puzzle.” Pointing to the ability to push messages to people without them having to do anything at all, he sees beacons as overcoming a “major hurdle” for companies that want to engage with customers in a more personalized way. (Maycotte, 2018).
It’s our mission at KFP to supply, support and roll-out the latest retail IT infrastructure for you and believe that our range of additional in-store technology will help you achieve a better relationship between you and your customers’.
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