KFP 365 – A new manged service for the resurgence of in-store retail

KFP Blog - August 01, 2023

KFP 365 – A new manged service for the resurgence of in-store retail

We have all seen the statistics over the past couple of years . . . so many analysts & research organisations out there are suggesting that physical retail has had its day and that online is where it’s at. At KFP, we have seen the exact opposite. In fact, since the pandemic we think it is fair to say that there has been a definite resurgence for in-store retail. Customers have since wanted to get out there and enjoy the retail experience and it’s those retailers who are focusing on this “experience” that are tempting their customers back time and again.

What this does mean, is an ever-increasing reliance on technology in store to help deliver that experience. Whether this means a frictionless purchase process, a slick interaction on the shop floor, no queuing, order in-store, click & collect, in-store Wi-Fi linked to customer loyalty, resilient connectivity using 5G to always be there for the customer – or a combination of all these things – the modern-day customer expects a seamless interaction at every touch point in store.

So, you have all these technologies…. how do you ensure it is always ready when it’s needed?

Things go wrong, it’s part of life. But the days of simple break/fix are over. Customers now demand an experience in store like never before. Service providers need to evolve with this ever-changing need and this is exactly what we have done – by introducing our new manged service - KFP 365.

We have been supporting some of the world’s biggest retailers in-store for over 20 years and during this time we have got pretty good at what we do. Utilising our many years of hands-on experience we are proud to introduce our new fully featured Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform.

So, what is KFP 365?

To put it simply, it is a managed platform that gives our customers rapid remote support, monitoring, IT admin automation & software deployment options across all devices in store using agent-based technology that delivers all the information we need back to our central systems, allowing us to proactively support all in-store environments, 24/7. We can see issues before they arise, resolving problems before the occur, meaning that our retail clients can focus on what they do best – offering the best in-store experience for their customers. 

The service is backed up by all the required expertise, management and administration by our in-house teams to tailor what we need to deliver, enabling us to offer a truly bespoke platform to each of our clients. 

If we need to attend site to help with a physical hardware issue, that is covered too. But with our new managed service, this could happen before a failure occurs – at a time that is more convenient for our customer – rather than simply reacting to an unexpected event. 

This new service is available in modular form, with the core offering focussing on device management, monitoring & IT automation along with security-based enhancements and additions – with other functions soon following so our clients can rest assured that KFP 365 is an ever-evolving service that fits the bill today and in the future. 

Onboarding and transition to this new service platform can be fast and transformational, a new way of delivering service to a new breed of retailer, servicing the needs of the modern-day customer. 

What are the benefits of KFP 365?

  • 3-year service, based on the number of devices that needs supporting
  • Improved cost efficiency with a per device per month cost model
  • Provides access to expert resources
  • Ability to scale up or scale down the service as required
  • Real-time proactive device monitoring, 24/7 365 days a year
  • Instant support with secure Web Remote for one-click remote access to managed devices
  • Monitoring alert requests are received instantly for any managed device
  • Flexible, tested, automated device Patch Management
  • IT admin automation, keeping up with change is seamlessly managed by the platform
  • Additional security (anti-virus, anti-malware) available
  • Additional network monitoring layer available
  • Flexible reports and dashboards configured to customer requirements
  • Supported platforms include Windows, Linux, MacOS, VMware

But the service doesn’t need to end in-store – All end point devices across your retail business can benefit from the platform, allowing a consistent approach across the entire business function. 

We are excited to bring this new offering to our customers from August 2023 and further developing the platform as our offering evolves. 

To learn more, visit our website at www.kfpit.com or contact us now at kfp365@kfpit.com to arrange a free demonstration. 

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