KFP have successfully rolled out Microsoft 365 across the entire company as a technology response to Covid-19

KFP Blog - May 05, 2020

Oxfordshire, UK - KFP Total IT Solutions (KFP) are proud to announce that it has successfully rolled out Microsoft 365 across the entire KFP business. This implementation will support greater collaboration and aid KFP in continuing to support their customers during this time.

The idea to roll out Microsoft 365 during this time has not only provided benefits for KFP in the short term but also in the long-term, post COVID-19. With a greater emphasis on remote working, internal staff are equipped to continue in supporting our valuable customers remotely, whilst greater communication is achieved internally.

As a forward-thinking business within the retail and hospitality sector, we anticipate that Microsoft tools such as SharePoint and Teams will be highly effective in supporting our entire workforce, who can be based all over Europe at any one time. As well as online collaboration, the implementation of Microsoft 365 will support the business with secure online data sharing & storage functions, providing greater visibility for all departments to collaborate across the business, all in a secure cloud platform.

During this time, communication and effective collaboration is probably more important to us all, now, than it has ever been in the past. With COVID-19 and the majority of the world now working from home, seamless communication and collaboration, both internally and externally, is going to be key. With this new implementation, KFP can continue exceeding customer expectations and delivering a leading service.   

John Moss, KFP Founder & CEO has commented saying: “We cannot think of a more seamless transition from Google to Microsoft 365. Even during these difficult times, we’ve decided to make use of any downtime to better equip the business with the tools to continue to support our valued customers and promote internal collaboration across the business. Thank you to all those who were involved in this project. We are proud to be continuing to support our retail & hospitality customers during COVID-19. Microsoft 365 is the solution of choice for most of the world’s most successful businesses, and with KFP’s 2019/2020 success, we’re no different.”

Gary Newman, Implementation Consultant, has said… “I was brought into the KFP business to help support the complete transformation from Google to Microsoft”. He also went on to say “Initially, Google provided KFP with everything it needed, from an online cloud solution, through to analytics, but now KFP has achieved exceptional growth, it’s time to think big”. “I have supported KFP in its migration to Microsoft 365 with the mindset of total collaboration, that will help KFP as it continues to grow and dominate the retail IT market. The migration was an absolute success and I am looking forward to supporting KFP with further development work that is going to be crucial in their growth post-COVID-19.” 

KFP has always adhered to stringent business continuity measures. Microsoft 365 allows them to continue to operate in the cloud, ensuring they have regularly backed up files and documentation, supporting efficient disaster recovery across the organisation.  

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