KFP Podcast - Retail Support Services

Podcasts - September 14, 2023

KFP Podcast - Retail Support Services 



Transcript of KFP Podcast - Retail Support Services

Hi, my name is Steve Chambers from KFP Total IT Solutions, Head of Sales and Marketing. We are putting together a podcast to talk around our Retail Support Services and Managed Services functions. 

So, the podcast today is just talking around traditional retail support services. So, break-fix services ultimately for customers instore, in their retail environments and this is traditionally where an engineer goes to site when a part fails and we go with a replacement part, get that part swapped on site and back to our offices so that the store can trade as quickly as possible ultimately, the whole service is geared around trade, so, we want to make sure our customers can contact us when they need it, ensure we're on site quickly within an SLA, to essentially swap out hardware. 

And that's traditionally what we've been doing for a number of years and it's a very repeatable, reliable service for our customers. Particularly when you take into account these stores need to trade at all times, particularly during peak periods. We're now into almost Autumn 2023 approaching peak for retailers around Black Friday and Christmas so, it's an imperative time of year that they're able to trade at all times and that's where these sorts of traditional break fix services come into play really. 

It's something that KFP have been delivering for a number of years for our customers who rely on us to deliver that service and that function and the whole thing is geared around the help desk function, whether that's delivered via the customer or via KFP, it depends on a case-by-case basis. 

Some clients will triage a call, then send that call to our helpdesk, who will then do an engineer dispatch to get guys on site for break-fix purposes, to swap out a part. Other customers work with us where we provide a blended approach really and triage the call, talking to their stores direct, helping us understand the problem, which part needs to be replaced and sending that part out to the customer's retail site so that we can deliver that service. 

It all depends on how customers are wanting that service and function to work but imperatively, it's all about trade, it's all about making sure that our customers can trade at all times and it is an important component of the infrastructure solutions services that we provide to our clients. 

So that wraps up our traditional approach to break-fix in store for our retail clients. The next podcast will focus more on our Managed Services support functions which go into this, an extra layer as to how we can deliver an automated service rather than a reactive service.

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