KFP Supports Long-Standing Customer Urban Outfitters Brand Iets Frans With 1st Pop-Up Store

KFP Blog - October 22, 2020
Iets frans, the loungewear line exclusive to Urban Outfitters, has opened a two-level store at 44 Carnaby Street in London. It's the label's very first standalone store and alongside KFP, supported the full IT installation and build in preparation for yesterday’s launch.
KFP is proud to be a part of this amazing brand and to be the IT installation partner of choice to deliver this new pop-up store. Yesterday the brand witnessed a flurry of new customers visiting for the first time, which saw a fantastic response from customer footfall.
Customers raced to get a glimpse of the blue, turquoise and pink tie-dye hoody and crew neck sweaters, that were highly popular amongst customers, but there was also an appetite for puffer jackets and a keen interest in their jogger selection, a great start to a new store opening.
With the success of yesterday's launch, the team are extremely pleased with the new store and its footfall success on opening day. It's clear that Urban Outfitters are keen to buck the retail trend, by opening traditional brick-and-mortar stores.
The Urban-owned brand has only been around since 2017 but is already growing in popularity through fashion-conscious trailblazers.
How KFP supported Its long-standing customer Urban Outfitters with the launch of iets frans (Pronounced ‘eeyets franz’, it's Dutch for "something French")
KFP, who have been supporting the Urban Outfitters brand for 8 years, only raised the order for this new pop-up location 22 days ago. This meant that KFP had to utilise its agile business model to deliver the new store and to ensure key delivery, installation and support, including rolling out the state of the art technology from the world’s leading manufacturers.
It was not only KFP’s agility, knowledge, and skill that was key to getting this pop-up store open on-time, it was also key collaboration across the business, including our project team, account management, and IT engineers, who all contributed to the store's success.
Over the last few weeks, the KFP team have been working in collaboration with the Urban Outfitters in-house technical team, in both Philadelphia and London, to prepare everything for this new store opening.
With short notice of only four weeks to deliver this project, KFP did what it does best, deliver exceptional service, against all odds. After we procured all of the leading retail technology and IT hardware from our distribution, we set a clear plan of delivering this pop-up store, from planning a detailed rollout timetable to scheduling our highly-skilled engineers, we delivered this project within time and budget, ready for launch day.
We are very proud to be working with a great brand such as Urban Outfitters (iets frans), and a brand that is clearly bucking the trend by opening a traditional brick-and-mortar store.
We provided an excellent installation and service including, but not limited to:
  1. EPOS systems - to support fixed cashwrap payment and high-footfall traffic 
  2. Networking Hardware - to support network architecture and infrastructure 
  3. Tablet POS - to support queue busting and shop floor payment function via tablet 
  4. Wireless Solutions - to provide fast and reliable guest WI-FI connectivity 
  5. 4G LTE - to support iets frans with 4G failover & connectivity, that will ensure the store is able to continually trade at all times
The 1st ever pop-up store now has all the technology and IT infrastructure geared towards delivering exceptional in-store customer experience, and a truly unique service offering.
Urban outfitters and KFP teams coming together to deliver this exceptional pop-up store. We look forward to supporting many more in the future.
To find out more about this amazing project, speak with one of the team today:
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