The next Retail Disruptor

KFP Blog - August 06, 2019
The future of 5G will set a new paradigm shift for connectivity speed and performance.
The fifth-generation cellular system is expected to will nearly eradicate lag times and make real-time functionality seamless, something that could completely transform the retail experience.
The quantum leap in cellular performance could open many opportunities across the local and global economy, and therefore enhance data connectivity, communications and support the full range of IoT from devices to smart technology.
5G will enhance data connectivity, communications, data analytics and the Internet of Things: A report by Transparency Market Research said it will make robotics safer, faster and speedier, something that is expected to grow demand in the global robotics market in the coming years.
Ever industry is expected to benefit from 5G cellular technology with faster speeds, performance and bandwidth will ultimately transform every industry, impacting retail massively. It is safe to say that retailers underestimated the impact of smartphone technology in retail during the mid-2000s and even though it's hard to fully predict the full impact of 5G in retail now, the next few years will be an interesting turn of events.
The expectation from those in retail is that they will be able to better connect with consumers in real-time using advanced web application, mobile app technology and big data.
5G could open the flood gates for instant communication, from retail brands straight to the consumer, what impact will this have on an already smartphone-addicted society is yet to be seen.
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