Wireless Solutions Shaping The Modern Retail Experience

KFP Blog - August 12, 2018
The most successful wireless network deployments are planned, surveyed & bespoke.
It is not just the customer that benefits from wireless technology, your members of staff also benefit. With wireless technology, your staff are able to move around freely on the shop floor, helping and assisting customers' and by doing this, providing a more personal and direct service. Retailers are now reaping the rewards of using wireless technology and tablet-based POS terminals in-store. This technology gives your staff the ability to take payments on the shop floor.
At KFP we have supported some of the largest retailers in fashion and hospitality with IT infrastructure, POS terminal installs, configuration and wireless technology. This is all vital for modern retail stores and plays an important role in maximising the in-store customer experience.
At KFP we do stress that our wireless solutions provision is not like any others in the industry. We simply do not come into your store, install a wireless access point and leave you to it and hope for the best. We work with you and offer a personalised solution (as we know all clients are different), and work alongside you in order to understand your conceptual needs are, as they may change from store to store.
After this point, we would then map out the best wireless deployment journey for you and your stores. This consists of understanding where the best or most appropriate locations are for the best usage. We do this to give you the best possible solution. We then design the solution, implement it, and test to ensure you have the best coverage. We always offer personalised & on-going technical support services, ensuring that we are always at the end of a telephone if you need us.
You can speak to one of our qualified team today and find out about how wireless technology can drive your store forward.