(XAAS) Everything-As-A-Service from HP

KFP Blog - November 16, 2020

In today’s competitive environments, our retail and hospitality customers’ need reliable, easy-to-manage connectivity, at the edge of their networks, so enhanced EPOS, digital signs, kiosks, and numerous omni-channel device applications, can drive both efficiency and customer satisfaction for their customers.

With this need in mind, KFP can provide a full XaaS offering that includes all hardware device and applications, all for one monthly payment.

COVID-19 has made the retail and hospitality industry rethink traditional CAPEX modelling. There is now a direct need for retail and hospitality businesses to be supported with a greater degree of flexibility across traditional IT hardware and retail IT systems.

KFP are a company designed to support the industry with personalised bundles and IT packages, giving them the option for freedom, flexibility, and transparent payments, for the hardware their business needs now, and that will meet their business-critical objectives, in the future.

Leading CIO’s, Heads of IT, and IT System Managers, are all searching for ways in which they can utilise their IT infrastructure and hardware, but at the same time, save money.

IT professionals want to avoid disruption to their retail estates at all costs, and require support from market-leading IT partner’s, to support the transition from CAPEX to OPEX, this is where KFP and HP come in.

With our XaaS, we’re able to support your entire business to ensure it is ready to deal with rapidly evolving technology, that is capable of revitalising your store performance, giving you reliability (uptime), and a stable revenue stream, from HP’s market-leading retail technology, at one monthly cost.     

IT leaders in major retail businesses, require their hardware and IT infrastructure to be sufficiently flexible and scalable, at a moment’s notice. They need to meet their business needs going forward, where new stores and pop-up shops are being opened, and tech rollouts are needed at scale, XaaS option would mean that you can revitalise your on-going retail IT and infrastructure, but upscale at any time, simply by adding new technology onto your existing package.  

With HP’s portfolio of leading IT hardware for retail and hospitality, retail and hospitality businesses can set out the plan for defining what their specific IT requirements are, early in the sales process, from the latest HP laptops to the latest HP EPOS systems, for example, the latest addition to the HP family, the HP Engage One Pro.

It’s KFP’s mission to provide our customers with the latest retail technology, at a price point that works for them, and a service that offers total flexibility, at a time when they need us most. We deliver on XaaS, so you can deliver a customer-focused, outcome-driven (revenue-driven) service to customers in-store, and have all the technology implemented throughout your business and as a result, will support your retail business well into the digital age and beyond.

With a broad portfolio of point of sale devices, HP helps retailers and hospitality operators meet customers’ needs anytime, anywhere. – HP Retail Solutions

Today, forward-thinking retail and hospitality businesses need to be agile enough with their IT technology, to meet the growing needs and changes within their business. Stock availability to support break-fix, location-specific forward stock locations, and warehouse storage, can all be supported through a cost-effective XaaS model.

When CAPEX moves to OPEX, it’s not just the technical upgrades and break-fix support, that you benefit from, it’s your procurement department that can also benefit, from a highly transparent model, with the removal of multiple POs and invoices.

XaaS supports the total modernisation of your IT infrastructure but we can also help you keep legacy IT for existing deployments, and on-going break-fix, this is supported by our 16,000 SQFT warehouse facility, and award-winning warranty services department.

Watch the latest HP Engage One Pro in all its glory. 




KFP want to take away the need for senior IT professionals to justify unglamorous large capital expenditure for retail technology, but more so, help them justify cost-saving measures that will improve the customer experience in-store, using the latest HP technology, whilst getting the commitment from their finance department at the same time.

XaaS and the retail customer

What’s driving XaaS? And why now? In short, customer expectations of ownership and service reliability is rapidly evolving. With all the many benefits of XaaS bundled into a personalised and bespoke offering, giving the retailer or hospitality business total freedom of choice, transparent payment options, and the ability to upgrade their hardware, is an appealing offering, at the moment. 

The XaaS Road Ahead

CIOs and business leaders can begin their XaaS journeys by answering the following questions:

What can everything-as-a-service do for my business? Viewing business models, processes, and strategies through a XaaS lens may illuminate entirely new opportunities to grow revenue by saving money and improving technology

Retail and hospitality brands may have the challenge of selling a subscription-based model to senior IT teams and board members because ownership seems the best form of asset management. However, in an environment where you need to scale up and down depending on business circumstances, XaaS is the option that gives you more freedom than large scale ownership. 

See below, you can bundle laptops, EPOS systems, scanners, printers etc. all into a package that suits you. 

How can XaaS transform the way your employees work? 

The retail associates in-store working on the latest equipment, providing customers with exceptional service, from the back of house store manager using the latest HP desktop or laptop device, to the store assistant serving customers with the latest EPOS system. The best equipment can lead to the best service.

It was once a costly and time-consuming proposition, for retail and hospitality businesses to customise their IT infrastructure, but with our XaaS model, it’s cost-effective and easy to manage.

Today, KFP can provide retail and hospitality businesses with a host of IT hardware, devices, 4G/5G failover, EPOS systems, PC’s, and peripheral devices, all combined into a specialised package.

With all your employee’s needs changing during the COVID-19 pandemic, our new XaaS model is enabling you to tailor your retail IT, computing, and systems development needs, to accommodate all the changes, this includes COVID ready solutions such as safe pay infrastructure, protective screening, and easy cleaning devices, from the HP portfolio. 

What can XaaS do for you and your retail or hospitality business? 

  1. Greater cost savings. Whether it’s retail, hospitality or convenience, every business likes to hear, ‘we can save money’. If you can imagine your IT department showing the Finance Director that thousands can be saved through an OPEX model through KFP, then that would not only free up cash for your business, it would also give your IT teams total flexibility and control.   
  2. Paying for IT that you actually need. OPEX models are based on a price and IT requirement that you actually need. With the flexibility to scale up and down easily, there’s no need to pay for IT that you don’t need in the short term. If you need more IT infrastructure and/or systems, you can simply add onto your existing OPEX model and XaaS package through KFP.
  3. We talk about flexibility a lot with XaaS. You have enormous flexibility to change or add onto your IT infrastructure and hardware package to suit your business needs. You also have total control and can decide to scale up your hardware, if your business needs change. 

All the HP Hardware you need, and only one monthly cost!

  • One fixed cost every month – knowing exactly where you are financially
  • Transparent and open service provision
  • OPEX model saving you money both long and short term (no excessive cash expenditure)
  • No responsibility for maintaining and repairing your HP Hardware (5-year warranty available)
  • Option to refresh hardware after 3 years (multiple packages available)

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