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HP Engage Go 10

Technology that is Incredibly versatile and designed to delight your customers.

With the HP Engage Go 10, you can engage customers wherever they are with a device that seamlessly goes from countertop system to sleek and light tablet and embeds key accessories directly into the tablet—going with you as you move about the day.

The Engage Go 10 gives you the option to take the checkout to your customers with an optional integrated card reader that accepts EMV, NFC, chip insert, swipe, tap and mobile pay.

Providing you with: 

✅ Flexible design

✅ Integrated scanning

✅ Secure and accurate authentication

✅ Transactions on-the-go

HP Engage Flex Mini | An operations powerhouse that fits anywhere

The HP Engage Flex Mini is designed to drive every facet of your business—from back-office operations to digital customer engagements, to point-of-sale.

With its Intel® Core™ i9 CPU1 and 64GB memory, you get the power you need to run your business efficiently with improved inventory management, theft detection, and promotion management.

HP Partner First - Retail Specialist

KFP are an approved business partner with retail IT specialisation. We can offer the entire range of modular, all-in-one & mobile-based retail devices along with a raft of accessories and options to provide a tailored solution for all retail based environments.

HP Engage One Pro (all-in-one)

HP Enhances Retail Experiences with Most Powerful All-in-One Solution

HP Engage One Pro blends outstanding performance and sleek design in a flexible and durable point-of-sale system 

The HP Engage One Pro provides retail and hospitality brands with a sleek, purposeful, and highly integrated EPOS system. With sophisticated craftsmanship and purpose-built, the device comes with hidden cable management designed to keep counter spaces clutter-free and the ability to adjust display orientation and deploy in landscape or portrait mode with height and tilt adjust for simple, seamless usability.

Watch the video and see the design in all its glory.  

Leading HP EPOS System

The Engage One Pro is designed to support the needs of retail and hospitality businesses by providing them with three screen size options, and the ability to deploy the technology as a traditional point-of-sale device, interactive signage, or self-service on a countertop.

The new 24” diagonal screen size allows businesses to engage customers with interactive signage and more seamless self-service.

Durable and Secure: The Engage One Pro is part of HP’s portfolio of the world’s most secure point-of-sale systems and undergoes military standards testing, including frequent sanitisation to give customers a premium level of safety.


HP Engage One Prime

Powered to perform.

The HP Engage One Prime is a great option for retail & hospitality and provides you with an elegant design, top-tier capabilities, integrated accessories and reliability, all at an attractive price point. If you want to explore the beautifully designed, easy to set up and powerful point-of-sale terminal, then contact the KFP team to find out more.


HP enables retailers and hospitality operators with the tools they need to empower their employees with the broadest portfolio of in-store solutions from traditional point-of-sale to mobile. Whether it’s the barista at the coffee shop or the associate at a clothing store, HP has what they need to personalise the experience and keep your customers coming back.


We work with our valued partner HP to deliver the convenient, consistent service that our retail customers expect no matter how large or small their store is. The HP Retail Solutions combine the power and performance you need to keep business moving with the built-in protection to secure your critical assets.

Xaas (Everything as a Service)

We supply you with the hardware, you pay one monthly cost!

The benefits of HP OPEX

  • One fixed cost every month – knowing exactly where you are financially
  • Transparent and open service provision
  • Opex model saving you money both long and short term (NO excessive cash expenditure)
  • No responsibility for maintaining and repairing the HP Hardware
  • Option to refresh hardware after 3 years

Save money on your HP hardware today.  

Working with HP to provide the latest POS technology

Speak to one of the team today who can provide you with the full HP portfolio for your retail estate.