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Quickly Surface Meaningful Events

KFP partner with Verkada to deliver best in class, simple to install, security technology, giving retail and hospitality businesses that peace of mind at all times.

Verkada is different. Their leading cameras act as sensors, leveraging the latest in AI and edge computing to uncover actionable insights in real-time.

With Verkada, you plug-and-play and your devices are online within minutes, but without complex configurations. You can also securely access your devices across your organisation from any web browser. 

Verkada enterprise video security

Verkada Security Cameras Protect Stores & Assets

If you’re looking to minimise loss, protect people and assets, and gain insights into customer behaviour that can increase sales, then with Verkada’s retail surveillance system, you can do all this and more.

With advanced features like heatmaps, people counting, and floor plans, Verkada allows you to maintain visibility and site awareness across all your locations and simplify surveillance management across your business.

Verkada security camera

Verkada Surveillance Supports Retail Staff

Verkada Improves your visibility across your entire store.

By centralising footage into a single screen, you can easily simplify management and improve in-store performance and staff efficiency, using one platform.

The intuitive Verkada access control platform requires no technical onboarding and is simple enough for anyone to use.

Verkada retail surveillance system

Verkada Security Cameras Track Inventory Loss

Security cameras in your retail locations not only improves your store visibility, making it an effective resource for inventory management and theft prevention, but it also gives you real-time security and protection for all your members of staff.

With Verkada’s advanced video security solution you can are able to use the advanced object, motion, and time-based filters to pinpoint when an incident or theft occurred at a particular time and with a few clicks, you are able to share the footage with appropriate authorities to understand the circumstance and respond appropriately to any situation.

Verkada security cameras for inventory management

Verkada Surveillance Plug & Play

Manage all your devices across sites with Command, Verkada's web-based platform that’s accessible from any browser. No configurations or plug-ins are required. This is why Verkada is the perfect solution for your business, giving you complete access and control, whilst protecting your most valuable assets. 

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Gain Store Insights

Protect your customers, assets, and brand with a video security solution that surfaces potential threats and provides actionable insights.

Verkada offers powerful features like heatmaps and people counting that assess traffic within the sales floor and identify ways to increase sales and staff efficiency.

With activity-based analytics and computer vision technology, it’s simple to gain insights and improve your businesses bottom line.

Verkada surveillance provides powerful features

Easy and Scalable Retail Surveillance System

With Verkada, you are able to quickly find footage with advanced search filters through the enterprise video security command platform and you can do this with ease.

Verkada allows you to share access to live camera feeds via link or SMS, which means you can send a retail manager a link to live CCTV footage through the intelligently managed portal, giving you total control. 

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Save Money by Deterring Potential Threats

By installing security cameras in areas that are obvious to shoplifters and employees, deter theft and other acts of vandalism.

Additionally, placing security cameras in high-traffic areas and unmonitored spaces might also reveal blind spots and reduce the number of retail crimes.

With cameras that continuously monitor sales floors, cash registers, entrances, and exits, ensure that all in-store activities are recorded and can be reviewed in the event of theft.

Verkada surveillance deters crime

Learn more about Verkada's AI powered CCTV solution that will protect your business

Protecting your most valuable assets is key and with Verkada, you can do just that and more. Fill out your details below for a live demo and learn why Verkada is the solution for your business.  

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