Cloud-based access control for all retail environments

Verkada is the leading physical security platform to protect people and assets in a privacy-respecting manner. Designed with simplicity in mind, Verkada’s six product lines - video security cameras, access control, environmental sensors, alarms, visitor management and mailroom management - provide unparalleled building security through an integrated, secure cloud-based software platform.

Over 14,000 organizations across 63 countries worldwide trust Verkada as their physical security layer for easier management, intelligent control and scalable deployments.

KFP partner with Verkada to deliver best in class, simple to install, security technology, giving retail and hospitality businesses peace of mind at all times. With Verkada, you plug-and-play and your devices are online within minutes, but without complex configurations. You can also securely access your devices across your organisation from any web browser. 

If you’re looking to minimise loss, protect people and assets and gain insights into customer behaviour that can increase sales, then with Verkada’s retail surveillance system, you can do all this and more.

With advanced features like heatmaps, people counting and floor plans, Verkada allows you to maintain visibility and site awareness across all your locations and simplify surveillance management across your business. Protecting your most valuable assets is key and with Verkada, you can do just that and more.

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