Cradlepoint Solution To Support Remote Working

KFP Blog - March 26, 2020
Our Partner Cradlepoint has developed a solution that can support your members of staff working remotely.
The Cradlepoint solution works to establish reliable and secure connectivity for at-home workers by connecting them quickly to a cellular network while maintaining security best practices and not taxing overwhelmed IT teams.
As Cradlepoint's retail IT partner, we are able to set up each router to work on individuals devices only, leaving your family (especially the kids) to use at home broadband, therefore, leaving you using the Cradlepoint device, keeping you productive and disruption-free.
How we can help:
  • We will provide you with the Cradlepoint device
  • Get connected quickly to LTE networks for robust, secure Internet access from anywhere
  • We will ship directly to where the solution is needed with a SIM in the box to shorten deployment time
  • Maintain security best practices such as VPN connections, content filtering, and application visibility
  • Only one monthly cost per device providing you with full financial transparency
Enterprise-class Work at Home Kit
All Cradlepoint solutions from KFP include NetCloud Manager which KFP can securely deploy, manage, and monitor your network through a single pane of glass. Whether you have 25 or 25,000 devices in your network, NetCloud Manager makes configuring and managing them at geographically distributed locations easy.
If you are a retail or hospitality business and have staff working remotely. This solution could be for you, why not get in touch to find out more?
Email us today: or download our flyer to find out more.