Defining KFP – Concluding the series of key words explaining what we do, our values and what defines KFP!

KFP Blog - July 31, 2023

Over the past weeks we have selected a number of key words and explained what these represent to us at KFP.

We hope that this has given you a flavour of what we do, our pedigree and our values – We believe that it is important to develop close working long-standing partnerships built on openness, trust, expertise and a mindset to getting the job done. Please feel free to get in touch and learn more about us and what we can do for you.

Integration - What this means to us:

KFP has a wealth of experience working with third-party software providers for cloud and POS devices. For our customers, knowing that they have a partner who understands what software is compatible with each and every operating environment is key because this not only saves them money, it prevents any technical issues later on down the road. You can rely on KFP to provide the right solution, the right hardware and deliver the best levels of support.

POS - What this means to us:

POS / EPOS systems are made up of three key elements - software, hardware and a payment system. Together they are designed to save you time and money by automating the checkout process and serving your customers effectively. KFP have over 25 years of experience in POS supply, installation, support, repairs and upgrades of POS systems in-house. As well as procuring POS systems from market-leading manufacturers, we install, test and support systems to give retail, hospitality & convenience brands the technology they need to offer an exceptional customer experience.

Project Management - What this means to us:

Over 25 years in retail means we have experience managing complex and demanding projects across Europe. Many of our project management team started out as IT engineers, so they know what it takes to both take the pressure off your internal IT teams and deliver the best service. KFP adopt a partner-lead approach by becoming an extension of our customers IT team. By doing this we ensure the project rollout is seamless because we have invested in the relationships early on. We believe that for a project, whether a large-scale POS rollout or cabling services being installed, you will notice that you have a partner, not a supplier. 

Logistics - what this means to us: 

Logistics and Warehouse services are a key element of KFP’s offering as they help our retail customers streamline their operations and reduce costs through effective management and dispatch of IT stock throughout Europe. We achieve the highest levels of service because of our internal processes and the ability to track an order from purchasing, to dispatch and through to delivery. Additionally, a KFP depot service is able to offer our clients total flexibility to either increase or decrease storage space and equipment requirements and also by utilising our own multiple forward stock locations in Europe.

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