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KFP Blog - July 29, 2020
A lack of effective IT infrastructure in-store is one of the biggest issues facing retailers in current times. It’s often been the case that with IT infrastructure in-store if it’s poor performing or non-existent, it could make or break the customer experience.
In-store technology must always be suitable for each customer, this is, however, not the only contributing factor of why some retailers are failing.
Many retailers are held back in physical stores because of their unintegrated systems or unreliable hardware. This is limiting their ability to serve customers, respond in real-time to events, and support the customer journey from the entrance into the store, to leaving with a purchase.
There is an abundance of technology available to retailers to support the current COVID-19 social distancing rules and the increase in footfall back to the high street. We have comprised a few technologies available to support your retail operation.
A study conducted by RSR Research found that:

IoT Technology Solutions That KFP Can Install & Support:

  • RFID Inventory Management Tools - RFID for stock management is a great way to measure real-time inventory levels on your stock availability, giving your customers an accurate and proficient service on the shop floor.
  • Traffic Counting Solutions - This technology is important for measuring footfall in your stores. Being able to assess this number allows you to track both productivity and safety, from a social distancing perspective.
  • Interactive Kiosks & Smart Signage - As a leading IT installations partner, we provide a full end-to-end installation service for digital signage. We will procure, install & test, & provide on-going technical support for your digital signage hardware.
  • PED / Mobile Payment Systems - KFP has a fantastic record in providing retail & hospitality customers with mobile and tablet EPOS hardware as well as PED payment devices which all support the current social distancing measures in place.
  • Wireless Solutions For Personal In-Store Promotions - To offer your customers a truly personal service, you need all the infrastructure in place to allow you to do this. Wireless technology is key to providing your customers with a robust, high performing and reliable service in-store. We can provide you with the right solution at the right price point, totally bespoke to your retail or hospitality business.

“51% of retailers said they were not yet taking advantage of IoT technologies because they have not identified a business case to support specific use-cases. RSR Research” (October 2019)

It’s not just your customers that benefit from in-store technology, your staff can see direct benefits from day one.
See how some store manager’s benefited from retail technology in-store:

“I could do a much better job with meaningful, accurate insights.”

“Our Wireless solution now supports our customer loyalty offerings”

“Wireless technology gave us the ability to use IoT throughout our store, including payment options on the shop floor"

Investing in new retail technology can often come under scrutiny from various stakeholders in your business, usually because of cost, but in reality, the ROI from customer loyalty, repeat footfall and service level superiority, outweighs the initial cost from your investment.
The best business case you can provide to showcase the value you will get back from developing your IT infrastructure in-store, is that dedicated service that you provide for your customers.
As a highly accredited retail IT partner with over 20 years’ of experience, we have supported the biggest and best retail and hospitality brands in the industry, our service is dedicated to delivering a truly personal service.
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